Couple cycling on gravel track on Aarø
Far og søn dyster i Beat the Storm i Universe Science Park mens mor og datter hepper

Active together in Sønderjylland

Photo:James Cripps&Universe Science Park

If you wish to get your pulse racing when on holiday, then Sønderjylland is the perfect place to do it. We have thrilling experiences on land, on (and in) the water and in the air. And if you wish to experience the countryside at the same time as being active, then there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. 

Active Holiday in Sønderjylland means quality time, enjoyment and fun activities with those you’re travelling with – regardless of whether you’re a family with children or adults travelling alone.

Sønderjylland is criss-crossed by a great number of attractive cycling and hiking routes. There are short loops that can be completed in a day, or longer routes that require one or more overnight stops.

Sønderjylland is bordered by water to both the east and west. Along with a large number of fjords, streams and lakes, the region is a paradise for anglers – irrespective of whether you’re an experienced coastal angler or a parent wishing to take the children fishing for the first time at one of the many put & take lakes.

On the water...

The long stretches of coastline and the many fjords and streams invite visitors to participate in a huge number of activities with water as the focal point. These include activities that are based on speed and action, as well as activities in which there’s plenty of time to enjoy the water and the surrounding countryside. 

We can’t mention the coastline without drawing attention to the many lovely beaches that are perfect for bathing. On both the east and west coasts there are great beaches that are ideal for swimming and playing on the sand or in the water. On the east coast, however, the waves aren’t as big as on the wilder North Sea coasts in the west, and the beaches here are therefore perhaps better suited to families with young children.

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