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Disc Golf i skoven

Disc Golf in Sønderjylland

Photo: Æ Disc Golf Klub 6100

Have you ever tried throwing a frisbee? Elevate your frisbee skills to a completely new level with a game of Disc Golf. In Sønderjylland you can find Disc Golf courses at several places, particularly on the east coast.

Rules for disc golf

  • Disc golf is played in the same way as ordinary golf.
  • The golf disc replaces the club and ball.
  • The hole is replaced by a disc golf basket.
  • Always make sure that you have an unobstructed view before throwing the frisbee. Never throw if there are people or animals within range.
  • You play in groups of maximum 4 players.
  • All players throw from the tee (start) in the direction of the disc golf basket (the hole).
  • You then continue throwing from the place where the golf disc lands until the disc is in the hole.
  • The golf disc is deemed to be in the hole when it’s lying in the basket or hanging in the chains. The golf disc is not in the hole if it’s lying on top of or underneath the basket, or if it’s only touched the basket.
  • The number of throws is recorded for each hole, before being added together to find a total for the round. The winner is the player who has used the fewest number of throws on all the holes in the round.
  • The player whose golf disc is furthest from the basket is always the player who throws first.
Disc Golf i Haderslev Dampark

Photo:Æ Disc Golf Klub 6100

Disc Golf courses in Sønderjylland


Disc Golf at Haderslev Dampark og Kløften

Compete against each other in this modern and hastily growing sport - invite the family for a round of Disc Golf!

Vojens DiscGolfPark
Photo: Æ Disc Golf Club

Vojens DiscGolfPark

Come and enjoy a round of Disc Golf at one of Denmark's best Disc Golf Courses!

Disc Golf at Gram Castle
Photo: VisitHaderslev

Disc Golf at Gram Castle

Challenge friends and family to a game of Disc Golf in the beautiful surroundings of Gram Slot.

Aabenraa Disc Golf
Photo: AADIGO Egon Karlsen

Aabenraa Disc Golf

Aabenraa Disc Golf is a small cozy club with a good 18 hole course.

Bolderslev Disc Golfbane
Photo: Bolderslev disc golf

Bolderslev Disc Golfbane

Bolderslev disc golf course is the second most used course in Southern Jutland (surpassed only by the Vojens course). The course has 9 baskets with 2 tee places each - white for experienced - red for ...


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