A well-deserved and good holiday is also about finding a good place to stay. This is the place you return to after a long day full of great experiences and where the numerous impressions have to be digested in a way that suits you best.

Perhaps this means being surrounded by other happy holiday guests at the campsite – or perhaps you just need to relax in the hotel swimming pool.

Whatever type of holiday accommodation you choose, one thing will be the same: the special degree of hospitality you receive in Sønderjylland. We’re genuinely pleased to see you. In our always open, positive and informal Sønderjylland manner, we’re ready to help make your holiday in our region absolutely perfect.

Neither unspoilt countryside nor the deep blue sea are far away when you’re on a camping holiday in Sønderjylland. Here you can find peace and quiet, birdsong and lapping of the waves that can satisfy even the most ardent nature-lover – and all this without having to compromise on comfort.

At Enjoy Resorts there is something for everyone.

Regardless of whether you stay for a day, a couple of days or a week or two, getting away from everyday life is always a joy - so why wait for the holidays? You can always find a reason for heading off and enjoying life.

Feriepartner MOB has more than 40 years of experience renting out private holiday homes in South-East Jutland, on Funen and the Archipelago and at the Western part of the Limfjord.