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Sønderborg Lystbådehavn

Marinas in Sønderjylland

Photo: Sønderborg Lystbådehavn

Sønderjylland’s long coastlines, beautiful fjords and attractive location make the region a Mecca for yachting enthusiasts. We focus on some of the most attractive marinas, but at the bottom of the page you’ll find a link to a list of all marinas in Sønderjylland.


Sønderborg Harbours

Yachters from Denmark, Germany and the rest of Scandinavia call at the marina in Sønderborg. Here, at the approach to the Alssund, yachters are close to both beach and town, and the marina is a natural point of departure from which to experience Sønderborg and surrounding area.


Aabenraa's delightful marina

Aabenraa is one of Denmark’s oldest maritime towns, and at many places throughout the town you can find evidence of its fascinating history as a commercial centre during the golden age of the sailing ship. The town’s past is most visible in the old medieval quarter and at Aabenraa Museum.


Idyllic Marina in Aarøsund

The marina and harbour at Aarøsund face directly onto the Little Belt and are very popular. In 2019 the jetty at the fishing harbour has been upgraded to provide better facilities for anglers.

Dyvig Havn
Photo: Dyvig Bro

Dyvig Harbour

The picturesque harbour on Als.

Haderslev Havn Nord
Photo: COLOURBOX31043378

Haderslev Lystbådehavn Nord

Haderslev Northern Harbour has a central location in the town, and efforts to upgrade the harbour facilities are well underway.

Dyvig Havn
Photo: Dyvig Bro


Click on the image and find a list of all marinas in Sønderjylland.

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