Familie med cykler ved Dybbøl Mølle
Luftfoto af Lakolk Strand på Rømø - strand, vand og klitter
Photo:Destination Sønderjylland&Rømø Tønder Turistforening

Welcome to Sønderjylland

There are many ways in which to experience Sønderjylland. How about a visit to one of our many castles or an afternoon on the battlefield that features gunpowder and cannons? You can also take a trip to the Wadden Sea and see the ornithological phenomenon known as Black Sun or head off on a fjord safari.

Regardless of whether you travel with the whole family, close friends or that very special someone, you can expect a great experience and a multitude of impressions when you visit Sønderjylland. Sønderjylland has something to suit all tastes – in fact, quite literally!

Universe Science Park

VR bumpercars i Universe Science Park

Universe Science Park

Photo: Universe Science Park

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Destination Sønderjylland

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