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Top 10: Nature experiences in Sønderjylland

Photo: Naturcenter Tønnisgaard

The countryside in Sønderjylland ranges all the way from flat marshland in the west to hilly fjord landscape in the east. The countryside offers great nature experiences throughout the region for adults and children alike.

The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is well-known for its powerful tides, with great differences in water levels occurring between high tide and low tide roughly every six hours. In these parts, the difference between high and low tide can be anything up to 1.80 metres.

Black Sun

Just before the starlings settle down for the night, huge flocks create fascinating patterns in the sky that virtually eclipse the sun, thus providing inspiration for the name of the phenomenon, Black Sun.

Seal Safari in the Wadden Sea
Nationalpark Vadehavet

Seal safari in the Wadden Sea

Join Denmark’s only provider of sailing trips in the Wadden Sea National Park to see the seals sunbathing on the sand, going for a dip in the waves or following you curiously with their gaze. Take part in Denmark’s most fun SAFARI – a sailing trip for the entire family to experience the Wadden Sea’s largest and “wildest” predator – the seal.

Picnic in the Gråsten Forests

Forests in Sønderjylland

The forests of Sønderjylland make ideal destinations for a walk. Take a picnic with you and enjoy your lunch in the woods.

Hiking on the Gendarm Trail
Destination Sønderjylland


Sønderjylland’s hiking trails await! Embark upon a hike lasting several days on the Gendarme Path, Marskstien or Camino Haderslev Næs. Or enjoy one of the many shorter routes that are found in nearly all of the forests, plantations and natural resorts in Sønderjylland.

Cycling by Flensburg Fjord


With more than 3,000 kilometres of marked cycle routes, a cycling trip is an ideal way to spend a holiday in Sønderjylland. We have long routes such as the Baltic Sea Route, where you can cycle for several days and find overnight accommodation en route, as well as several shorter routes, where you can enjoy an hour or a day in the saddle.

Oysters in the Wadden Sea
Nationalpark Vadehavet

Oysters in the Wadden Sea

Throughout most of the year you can eat oysters from the Wadden Sea, provided that you’re able to open the somewhat obstinate shellfish.

Nature Centre Tønnisgaard
Naturcenter Tønnisgaard

Catching prawns

The shallow waters on the west coast of the island of Rømø are teeming with life. And it’s not only grey shrimp that can be caught in the nets when we go out into the water to catch prawns, but also many other fascinating creatures.

Haderslev Deer Park

Haderslev Deer Park

The deer park at Haderslev Dyrehave is attractively situated down towards the western end of the lake of Haderslev Dam at Nørskovgård. The deer park was established in 1994 and covers around 100 hectares. The park is home to around 200 fallow deer and 20 red deer, with around 70 calves being born each year. There are plenty of opportunities to see both red deer and fallow deer, which often roam the park in herds on the open plains.

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