Blokarts on the broad beach on Rømø

Daredevils on Sønderstrand, Rømø

Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Do you like amazing experiences, the wind in your hair and the unmistakable thrill of speed? Then you really should visit Sønderstrand on Rømø and have a go at some of the high-speed activities on the beach.

On Rømø, the beach isn’t just for relaxing and having a nice time. If you visit Sønderstrand, you should expect to be able to experience plenty of thrills and the sensation of speed that comes from the wind blowing in off the North Sea.

KiteSyd and Ourstuff offer fun experiences for both children and adults on Sønderstrand.

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Blokart on Sønderstrand, Rømø, with the Sylt ferry in the background
Photo: Rømø/Tønder Turistforening


Kom og strandsejle med dine venner, kolleger eller familie på Rømøs Sønderstrand.

Blokarts on the broad beach on Rømø
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Dobbelt Blokart

Disse Blokarts har plads til to personer, så gør klar til ræs.

Race mod dine venner, kolleger eller familie på Danmark suverænt bedste sted at køre Blokart.

Tre personer kører med Kitewings på Sønderstrand, Rømø
Photo: KiteSyd


Kitewing, også kendt som wing foiling og wing surfing, er en ny og spændende sport.

Du står på et hydrofoilboard eller et standard SUP board, imens du holder en kitewing (et sejl) op imod vinden som driver dig fremad

Strandsurfere på Sønderstrand, Rømø
Photo: Ourstuff

Beach surfing

Beach surfing is fun for everyone, no matter whether you’re 12 or 70 years of age. You decide the speed of the beach surfer – whether to run at a sedate 20 km/h or enjoy the thrill of 50 km/h is entirely up to you.

Wings på Sønderstrand, Rømø
Photo: Ourstuff


Wings is a relatively new sport that’s becoming increasingly popular in Europe. You normally see Wings on water, but OurStuff has developed a board which you can ride on the beach.

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