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Universe Science Park

Photo: Universe Science Park

It really is difficult not to be in a good mood as you experience Universe, which is located outside the town of Nordborg on the island of Als.

Judging by the enthusiasm exhibited by children and adults alike as they experience the various attractions, the popularity of the science park is beyond question.

Universe Science Park aims to inspire enthusiasm for science, technology and entrepreneurship amongst children and youngsters. The park thus has a wealth of fantastic adventures and attractions. Here you can attempt to lift a car, build your own water rocket, explore the virtual world or try any number of our many other activities.

New in 2022

Universe is adding an extra layer to the Sky Trail climbing frame in 2022, so you can now test your courage and conquer your fear of heights by riding the zip wire at a height of 15 metres. You can also try Beat the Storm, where you can feel the power of a genuine hurricane simulator in which you attempt to stand up against hurricane-strength winds blowing at speeds of up to 123 km/h. You can test yourself at several different levels. Beat the Storm can be experienced in the new Air Zone, at which you can learn all about the wind, which is one of the most powerful forces in nature.

Did you know that...

Universe Science Park is one of Sønderborg’s Top Attractions? If you have a combi-ticket for Sønderborg’s Top Attractions, you’ll be able to visit each of the five attractions – Universe Science Park, History Centre Dybbøl Banke, Sønderborg Castle, the iconic windmill at Dybbøl Mølle and the former brickworks at Cathrinesminde Teglværksmuseum – once during the course of the season. The combi-ticket costs DKK 379 for adults and DKK 269 for children between the ages of 5 and 17. The ticket is valid from the day you buy it until 23 October 2022 – so you’ve got plenty of time to visit all five attractions. The combi-ticket can be bought online or at tourist offices in Sønderborg and Aabenraa.

VR bumpercars i Universe Science Park
Photo: Universe Science Park

Virtual Reality

In the Virtual Reality area, there are fun adventures for the whole family. Try, for example, the world’s first ParadropVR.
Experience a fantastic flight by paraglider above the hilly landscape, whereby pulling the strings enables you to control the height of the paraglider as required, thus giving you a very realistic experience of gliding through the air.
In the VR Coaster, you have the chance to design your very own VR roller coaster ride. You and your finger design the ride; it’s entirely up to you how long and how thrilling the ride will be! The complete ride can be experienced along with the rest of your family, as total capacity is for 4 people.

Other activities

You can also test your abilities within a range of fields such as memory and motor skills. With regard to the latter, the Segway course is particularly popular.
You can learn a great deal about the world of technology at Universe. Science becomes a game through fun experiments, in addition to which you have the chance to build things yourself.
Although the majority of the park’s activities are action-packed, there are also quieter sections, thus making Universe an ideal destination for a day trip for adults and children alike.

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