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Familie på stranden med cykler

The beaches in Sønderjylland

Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Like pearls on a string, the beaches in Sønderjylland run all the way along the coast, and regardless of whether you head for the beach to relax or whether you prefer to be active at the water’s edge, there’s sure to be a beach that caters for your needs.

All the beaches that appear on this page were awarded the Blue Flag in 2022.

Blue Flag beaches must be clean and well-maintained, have life-saving equipment, good toilet facilities and waste facilities with sorting of waste, etc. All these elements help to ensure that everyone can enjoy time spent at the beach.

A minimum of 10 samples of bathing water are taken from Blue Flag beaches during the season. These samples are analysed for E. coli and enterococci bacteria. On Blue Flag beaches the current water quality must be displayed on an information board. If the water quality doesn’t meet requirements, the Blue Flag must be taken down.

The videos begin from the Danish-German border and continue up along the east coast.

Click on "Read more" on each beach to get more information about location, facilities, activities, etc.

NB: There are also two Blue Flag beaches on the island of Rømø - Lakolk and Sønderstrand. Videos from these two beaches will appear at a later date.

Kollund Strand

Child-friendly beach situated on the banks of Flensburg Fjord.

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Located opposite the two Okseø islands in Flensburg Fjord.

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Alnor Strandpark

Delightful little beach which has a park and playground behind the beach.

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Vemmingbund Strand

The fine sandy beach in the bay is ideal for children. You can play volleyball and other ball games on the beach, swim and windsurf, sunbathe and sail.

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Fluepapiret at Sønderborg Castle

Lovely broad beach suitable for children.

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Sønderborg Strand

The beach has a bathing jetty and a ramp at the water’s edge that provides wheelchair users with access to the water.

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Drejby Strand - Kerneland

Lovely sandy beach situated on the southern part of the island of Als.

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Mommark Strand

Owned by Mommark Marina, but open to all.

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Fynshav Strand

Small beach at Fynshav marina.

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Købingsmark Strand

Lovely bathing beach on Nordals, near a campsite that has a shop.

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Uge Camping and Put & Take

Facilities: Playground and lake, football golf and the chance to ride on the campsite’s ponies.

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Varnæsvig Strand

The 300-metre-long beach has a bathing jetty that stretches 150 metres out into the water.

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Sønderstrand Nord, Aabenraa

Close to the town and very child-friendly. There are various activities available, including a playground and beach volleyball.

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Skarrev Strand

Skarrev Strand is a small beach in connection with the campsite at Skarrev Camping.

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Loddenhøj Strand

Loddenhøj Strand is a small beach of around 1 km in length.

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Barsø Landing

The sandy beach is ideal for children. Situated close to the ferry berth.

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Løjt Feriecenters Strand

Child-friendly beach in connection with the holiday resort at Løjt Feriecenter.

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Sandskær Strand

The beach lies adjacent to Sandskær Strandcamping. The campsite has a toilet and shop that are free to use.

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Genner Strand

Genner Strand is a child-friendly sandy beach located in the bay at Genner.

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Diernæs Strand

Leading down onto the beach is a large natural area that forms a peaceful and attractive backdrop to the beach.

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Kelstrup Strand

The water at this lovely beach remains shallow for a long way out, with small waves and no surf.

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Hejsager Strand

The beach is made up of fine sand dotted with small and medium-sized stones.

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Halk Strand

The beach lies at the foot of a slope planted with trees to provide an intimate atmosphere.

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Flovt Strand

Down towards the beach is a large natural area, which creates a good atmosphere at the beach and provides many opportunities for activities.

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Lakolk Strand

Visit one of the best beaches for swimming and enjoying the sand and dunes on the west coast.

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Sønderstrand, Rømø

On Sønderstrand you can try your hand at blokarting and kite buggying. One of Europe’s broadest sandy beaches.

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