Spring in Sønderjylland

A visit to Sønderjylland in spring means plenty of things to do for young and old alike, either indoors or outdoors. Sønderjylland is also particularly beautiful as the flowers begin to bloom, whilst trees and shrubs acquire a springtime coat of green.

Spring is packed with public holidays during the period from Easter to Whitsun, and for many people this period means plenty of days off to take advantage of the wealth of different attractions we have to offer in Sønderjylland. As the days get longer and lighter, we feel the urge to get out into the countryside, whether this be on foot or by bike, alone or with family and friends.

We’ve chosen to divide the content into four themes: daytrips, minibreaks, cycling holidays and walking holidays. Under each theme, you can find suggestions of places to stay overnight, activities and full package tours that can be booked at booksonderjylland.dk. Furthermore, you’ll also find plenty of inspiration for other attractions and experiences – there’s always plenty to choose from.

Food adventures

The food culture of Sønderjylland is something very special. It has developed through the unique interplay between Danish and German traditions that have existed in the border region for centuries.

Sink your teeth into the traditional Southern Jutland coffee table, take part in food festivals or try a pickled egg, which you can get in several places in the area. We promise there's something for everyone.

Outdoor activities

Although spring often brings rainy days, there are also many days when the sun shines, the temperatures rise and you just want to spend time outdoors. On such days, Sønderjylland offers a wide range of fun activities for both children and adults.

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