Solæg anrettet på salat

Pickled eggs

Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Pickled eggs are a classic dish at an Easter lunch celebration in Sønderjylland, although earlier the speciality could also be found on the bar in many pubs. In both cases, pickled eggs are often washed down with beer and schnapps.

The original name in German is Solei – Sole = pickle (or brine), Ei = egg.

If you want to make your own pickled eggs, we have created a comprehensive recipe with an ingredients list and explanations along the way. You can download it as a printer-friendly pdf.

Påskebord med solæg der er klar til at blive spist
Photo: Conni Ernst
Halve solæg på påskebordet
Photo: Conni Ernst

Do you want to taste pickled eggs, but don’t feel like making them yourself? Fortunately, several restaurants in Sønderjylland have them on the menu.

Find a list of the restaurants here:

Benniksgaard Hotel, Rinkenæs

Den Gamle Kro, Gråsten

Fox and Hounds, Sønderborg

Fox and Hounds, Aabenraa

GramGaard - Gram Slots cafe

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