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For centuries we’ve upheld Sønderjylland cuisine’s proud traditions of exquisite ingredients and masterly craftsmanship. The modern Sønderjylland fusion kitchen can trace its roots many generations back in time.

It’s therefore no coincidence that in Sønderjylland you find a string of innovative producers, esteemed gourmet restaurants and acclaimed chefs that have specialised in mastering the exquisite ingredients and traditional local recipes.

Restaurants in Sønderjylland

If you get hungry and you do not feel like cooking yourself then Sønderjylland has something for every palate. There are modern cafes in the pedestria...

Restaurant Knapp

Ingredients and traditions from Sønderjylland combine with French cooking virtues at Restaurant Knapp in the forest near Aabenraa.

Hotel and Restaurant Fakkegaarden

Great Gourmet Experiences: Fakkelgaarden in Kollund is one of a number of excellent restaurants in Sønderjylland

Schackenborg Slotskro: Gourmet food at Restaurant Schack

If you wish to indulge your taste buds after a long day travelling around Sønderjylland, then head to the village of Møgeltønder and, more specificall...

Farmshops in Sønderjylland

Røllumgaard: Good Ingredients Close to Nature

The distance from earth to table is short in Sønderjylland. Everywhere, local farmers sell good products through direct sales and in small farm shops ...

Fruit & vegetables from the Krogh family

If you pass a roadside stall selling fruit and vegetables in Southern Jutland, there’s a good chance that the produce comes from Kroghs Grønt.

Krusmølle - a charming farm shop

At Krusmølle outside Aabenraa you can get good meals, exciting items for the home and culinary delicacies, in addition to which major events are held ...