Oysters in the Wadden Sea

Great tastes of the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is a gastronomic treasure trove where you can taste the fresh delights offered by Mother nature.

Natural riches abound at the Wadden Sea and the lovely grassy meadows where the tides provide food for a wealth of fauna and flora. The area is home to grazing sheep and cattle that can be turned into the finest cuts of lamb and extremely tender steaks. Busy bees produce honey from the flowers in the marshes. The waters are also the habitat of prawns, which, with their fine texture and delicate taste, perfectly complement a good piece of bread and fine schnapps made from herbs picked in the countryside.

The Wadden Sea is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to food of high quality. Cattle and lamb feed on grass and herbs full of salt, which ensures that the meat has a unique flavour. At the same time, the animals have lots of fresh air and time to grow, thus promoting a flavour that is both complex and mild at the same time.

A lot of foods originate from the Wadden Sea, and those products that meet certain criteria can proudly boast the Wadden Sea National Park’s logo, which stipulates that the primary ingredients are from the area of the national park – and preferably that processing of these products also takes place in one of the municipalities bordering the Wadden Sea.

The Tasty Wadden Sea - sheep on the dyke

If a food manufacturer wishes to call its product a Wadden Sea product, its application must be submitted to the Wadden Sea National Park’s partner committee. The committee assesses the product and awards it points based on a number of predefined criteria – e.g. whether the primary ingredients are from the Wadden Sea – and if the product is awarded a sufficient number of points, it is certified as a Wadden Sea product. 

However, it isn’t only food that can carry the national park logo. Other products such as wool and amber that originate from the Wadden Sea can also be certified as Wadden Sea products. You can often participate in guided tours to the Wadden Sea and try to gather herbs, oysters and other goodies from the area yourself.