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Sheep in the Tønder Marsh


Photo: VisitDenmark

The southwest of Sønderjylland is home to Denmark’s largest area of marshland – Tøndermarsken.

The marshes not only provide the setting for the border between Denmark and Germany, but are also where the sky and the sea and the land and the water meet. The marshland may at first sight appear to be wild and untamed, but in fact it’s designed and adapted down to the last detail – shaped by human life down through the centuries, with the water acting as both friend and foe.

On the Marsh Trail you can experience the countryside and culture of the region at first hand. The Marsh Trail is a 54-km hiking trail that leads you through Tøndermarsken’s fascinating nature and the four towns of Højer, Rudbøl, Tønder and Møgeltønder. Take the opportunity to follow the route, and feel the stresses of everyday life melt away as your thoughts wander and your eyes feast on the lovely scenery.  

The Tønder Marsh

Photo:Ulrik Pedersen - Tøndermarsk Initiativet

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