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Cycling Routes in Sønderjylland

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Five cycling routes in Sønderjylland that you should not miss!


Cycling on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route combines some of the best natural and cultural attractions in Sønderjylland.

Cyklister ved Slotsmøllen ved Brundlund Slot
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Flensburg Fjord Route

Flensburg Fjord Route is a scenic cycle route that cuts through the eastern part of the border country. The route runs through several major towns such as Aabenraa, Sønderborg and Flensburg.

Par cykler ved lystbådehavn
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Regional cykelrute 37 - Tour de France ruten

Kør i Tour-feltets hjulspor og oplev på egen hånd 3. etape af Tour de France 2022, der blev kørt mellem Vejle og Sønderborg den 3. juli 2022.

Cyklister på Vestkystruten
Photo: Ulrik Pedersen

West Coast Route

With the North Sea as a constant companion, the West Coast Route runs unhindered and at times in an almost permanent cross wind through natural and cultural landscapes that have been shaped over many centuries. Fresh sea air, time for reflection and beautiful sunsets are guaranteed!

Cycling on Hærvejen (the Oxen Road)
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Hærvejen – National Cycling Route 3

Hærvejen has been an important travel artery for more than a thousand years. Armies, oxen drivers and pilgrims have travelled through Jutland on this route. As far as possible, the cycling route runs on small roads. Here, you can experience medieval churches, Viking runic stones, ancient burial mounds and impressive scenery. The majority of the roads are paved, but there are also many minor gravel tracks running through forests and fields.

Hærvejen runs from Frederikshavn in the north to the Danish-German border. 

Cycling in Sønderjylland
Photo: Niclas Jessen

The Border Route

The "Border Route" is a themed cycle route highlighting the special culture in the border region between Germany and Denmark. It presents culture/historical topics close to nature paths. 

Between Wiedau sluice near the North Sea and the old fjord city Flensburg, the "Grenzroute" follows idyllic paths on its 130 km route along the German/Danish border. Along the way, it traverses the border 13 times.


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