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Cycling on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Photo: Phototravellers

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route combines some of the best natural and cultural attractions in Sønderjylland.

Characteristic for the route are the many islets, numerous bridges and small ferries. Here you have the chance to enjoy plenty of fresh air, attractive countryside and good exercise. 

The beautiful and coastal Baltic Sea Cycle Route combines some of the best nature- and culture experiences in South Denmark. Approx. 140 km of the 820 km Baltic Sea Route runs through Sønderjylland where it passes the cathedral town Haderslev, the seafaring town Aabenraa and the historic town Sønderborg with Dybbøl Mill and Sønderborg castle.

Close to history: The lost country

For centuries Sønderjylland has been a plaything between dukes, kings and nations. After the war in 1864 a period of 56 years followed, where the area became a province of initially Prussia and later Germany; a period which has left its mark on Sønderjylland in many ways. However, the history is not only war and strife – it is also unique discoveries from antiquity, castles, churches and murals from the Middle Ages as well as maritime and frequent trade that has also weaved numerus treads to the world.


Photo: Traveldudes

Close to the taste experience: World class fusion kitchen

The regional kitchen in Sønderjylland is among the best preserved in Denmark. This is primarily a result of the period in which the area was German. During this time the Danish traditions and ingredients were particularly cherished while the inspiration from the German kitchen such as sausages and smoked goods was unavoidable. Therefore, the modern kitchen in Sønderjylland is a fantastic fusion kitchen where the best of both worlds merge.

Cycling in Sønderjylland

Photo:Ulrik Pedersen - Tøndermarsk Initiativet

Close to nature: Landscape of contrasts

The nature in Sønderjylland offers you some of Denmark’s most beautiful and contrasted landscape with fjords that have been shaped by the Ice Age, meandering coast lines, deep tunnel valleys, wide-ranging forests and a wealth of different types of nature. This mix creates optimal living conditions for several rare plants and animals that thrive in the landscape of Sønderjylland.

In order to give you the optimal opportunities for experiencing the remarkable history, unique gastronomy and unique nature of Sønderjylland up close we have added a number of loops. Each loop gives you the opportunity to make a detour from the Baltic Sea Route and explore those elements that make Sønderjylland unique.

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