Table with pretzel-shaped pastry, layer cake and biscuits at Sønderjysk Kagefestival

Cake Festival in Sønderjylland

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen

The South Jutland Coffee Table (Danish: “Sønderjysk Kaffebord”) is one of the highlights when visiting South Jutland or Sønderjylland as we call it. It is a tradition that is both a cultural heritage and a unique part of the Danish history during times of war and occupation.

With this new festival we celebrate our love to cookies and cakes and with an extra portion of “hygge”. 

Eat your way through the South Jutland's Coffee Table at probably Denmark’s biggest coffee and cake table in Tønder. Taste some of the famous cakes and cookies from the traditional South Jutland Coffee Table with their silly names: “Ingenting” (in Englisch: Nothing) or Gode Råd (in English: Good advice). 

In addition to the Cake galore, there will be live music in the streets of Tønder, competitions and workshops. During the festival you will have time to explore the cosy streets of Tønder and find time to relax, eat lots of cake and shop until you drop. 

Lagkage og kaffe til Sønderjysk Kagefestival i Tønder

Photo:Ulrik Pedersen

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