The Wadden Sea

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Oysters in the Wadden Sea

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In Sønderjylland we don’t have a patent on forests, beaches or the countryside. Of course, they’re all found elsewhere in Denmark. In spite of this, the countryside in Sønderjylland is quite unique. Perhaps it’s the sheer variation that does it; there are only a handful of other places in Denmark where the natural attractions are so varied – from the Wadden Sea and the flat marshland in the west to the fjord landscape with its tunnel valleys and rolling hills in the east.

Experiences in the Wadden Sea

World Heritage in the Wadden Sea

In 2014 the Danish section of the Wadden Sea was admitted onto UNESCO’s world heritage list, which has generated even greater interest in this fantastic area of natural beauty.

Black Sun

Black sun is a natural phenomenon that can be seen when migrating starlings gather in large flocks.

Abundance of oysters

Another natural attraction in the Wadden Sea is the many oysters that you can find when walking out on the dry seabed at low tide.

Naturcenter Tønnisgaard

Naturcenter Tønnisgård on the island of Rømø arranges all sorts of trips out into the surrounding countryside.

Fokus on the Tønder Marsh

You don’t have to look at Tønder Marsh for long before you realise that it’s a unique area of countryside. Wide open spaces, lots of birds and an attr...

On Horseback across Als

In 2015 a 100-km bridle path running through some of the region’s most beautiful countryside opened on the island of Als.

Haderslev tour boat: Dorothea

Following the launch of “Dorothea”, a tour boat will once again be making trips on the lake in Haderslev.

Active in Nature

If you wish to get your pulse racing during your holiday, then Sønderjylland is the perfect place for you


In Sønderjylland you can find west-coast beaches with waves and wide sandy beaches and east-coast beaches that are child friendly.