Black Sun in the Tønder Marsh

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Autumn in Sønderjylland

Autumn in Sønderjylland offers great experiences along the water, in the forests and in the sky where you can experience the magnificent phenomenon Sort Sol (Black Sun).
There are experiences for both children and adults. Dive into the Reunification, go sailing, pick your own oysters, experiences the museums, ride rails bikes and much more.


Top 10: The Reunification

Sort Sol - Black Sun

Coffee and Cakes - the local way


Gråsten Palace Gardens and Palace Church

Oyster- and MusselsSafari

3D Archery

Gram Clay Pit

Star-attractions of Sønderborg

Seal Safari

Rail bike in Aabenraa

High Park Sønderjylland


Spend a few days in Sønderjylland and experiences some of our highllights such as Sort Sol (Black Sun, Universe Science Park, Coffee & Cakes and much, much more.

Universe Breaks

Photo: Universe Science Park

Hiking holiday

Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Cycling holiday

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Højergaard and the marsh

Photo: Vadehavets Oplevelser

Black Sun from Marskhotellet

Photo: Sort Safari