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VR bumpercars i Universe Science Park

Sønderjylland’s highlights

Photo: Universe Science Park

When on holiday in Sønderjylland, there’s no chance of getting bored! We have activities for both young and old alike, and when you need to relax, the beaches on both the east and west coasts provide ample opportunity to take it easy.

On this list we’ve put together some of the activities and attractions that you and your family really shouldn’t miss out on when visiting the region.


Universe Science Park

It really is difficult not to be in a good mood as you experience Universe, which is located outside the town of Nordborg on the island of Als.

Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke - engelsk
Photo: Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke

History Centre Dybbøl Banke

At History Centre Dybbøl Banke you’ll be thrust into one of the most exciting chapters of Denmark’s history. Accompanied by the activity of bullets being cast and the smell of hot pancakes, you and your family will experience the Second Schleswig War of 1864.

Tradition coffee and cakes from Sønderjylland
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Southern Jutlandic Coffee Table

The region's famous Coffee Table - Sønderjysk Kaffebord - is an institution that can be traced back to the Danish struggle for sovereignty.

Photo: Colourbox

Tilting at the Ring

A tradition that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages and which is still popular in parts of Sønderjylland.

Marsk Camp and Marsk Tower

Marsk Camp offers unique experiences and camper van holidays at the magnificent Wadden Sea National Park. The 25-m-high tower that winds its way up into the sky at Marsktårnet enables you to gaze out in all directions as far as the eye can see.

World Heritage in the Wadden Sea

In 2014 the Danish section of the Wadden Sea was admitted onto UNESCO’s world heritage list, which has generated even greater interest in this fantastic area of natural beauty.

Hans Wegner stole i Vandtårnet i Tønder
Photo: Museum Sønderjylland

Museum Sønderjylland

Museum Sønderjylland’s 10 exhibition venues, museums and cultural environments provide great experiences and a wealth of knowledge within archaeology, art, history and natural history. 

Årø - the small island with lots of birds

Årø lies in the Little Belt near the mouth of Haderslev Fjord and makes a lovely destination for a daytrip.

Black Sun in the Wadden Sea

Black sun is a natural phenomenon that can be seen when migrating starlings gather in large flocks to overnight in the reeds.

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