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Camping in Sønderjylland

Camping and nature are by definition closely related. On a camping holiday there’s only a thin tent canvas or the wall of a caravan between you and the great outdoors – and thanks to the relatively limited space in a caravan or tent, you end up spending a lot of time outside anyway. 

Neither unspoilt countryside nor the deep blue sea are far away when you’re on a camping holiday in Sønderjylland. Here you can find peace and quiet, birdsong and lapping of the waves that can satisfy even the most ardent nature-lover – and all this without having to compromise on comfort. In Sønderjylland, luxury and camping are definitely not at opposite ends of the scale. 

In Sønderjylland you’re never far from the nearest campsite. Along the coasts they’re situated almost like beads on a string. There are small, basic campsites for those who wish to be at one with nature, whilst there are also large sites that offer a wealth of activities for the entire family. Click on the pictures with the red "book" buttons and read more about Sønderjylland’s campsites, which you can book straight away.

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Fjordlyst Camping
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A Taste of Sønderjylland

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