Lagkage og kaffe til Sønderjysk Kagefestival i Tønder

Unique Sønderjylland

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen

Sønderjylland’s geographical location as the border region has resulted in a unique culture and history which can be experienced everywhere throughout the region.

Klassisk Sønderjysk Kaffebord serveret på gammelt service
Photo: Inge Adriansen

Southern Jutlandic Coffee Table

The region's famous Coffee Table - Sønderjysk Kaffebord - is an institution that can be traced back to the Danish struggle for sovereignty.

World Heritage in the Wadden Sea

In 2014 the Danish section of the Wadden Sea was admitted onto UNESCO’s world heritage list, which has generated even greater interest in this fantastic area of natural beauty.

Children playing in the test lab at Universe Science Park
Photo: Universe Science Park

Universe Science Park

It really is difficult not to be in a good mood as you experience Universe, which is located outside the town of Nordborg on the island of Als.

The Northern German Defence Line 1916-18

The Northern German Defence Line is a fortification created by the German military during World War I

Sønderjyske soldater i skyttegraven under 1. Verdenskrig - måske Verdun
Photo: Historisk Arkiv Haderslev

World War I in Sønderjylland

In Denmark as a whole, the First World War, which lasted from 1914-1918, doesn’t have a very prominent place in the national consciousness. Denmark wasn’t officially involved in the conflict, and only a few Danes played an active part in military operations.

StreetDome - indoor and outdoor skate park

Try your hand at indoor bouldering, have an instructor guide you to the top of Jutland's highest climbing wall and surf around with a skateboard or scooter indoors and outdoors - you just have to reme...

Stock photo: Zeppelins outside the hangar at the Zeppelin base in Tønder
Photo: Museum Sønderjylland

Zeppelinbasen by Tønder

When the First World War broke out in 1914, the German fleet had but one airship: the Zeppelin L 3.

Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke - engelsk
Photo: Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke

History Centre Dybbøl Banke

At History Centre Dybbøl Banke you’ll be swept into one of the most exciting chapters in Danish history at the exact place at which it played out.

The Frøslev Camp and the white busses

The last stop before the concentration camps.

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