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Vandring på Marskstien med rygsæk

The Marsh Trail

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen

2019 saw the opening of The Marsh Trail, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to walk through a cultural landscape full of magnificent natural attractions.

Imagine walking through a landscape which – though flat – contains magnificent natural attractions, and where on large stretches of the trail you find yourself completely alone except for the large flocks of birds flying by.

If you’re keen on such experiences, then visit Tøndermarsken. The extensive marshland hasn’t previously been easily accessible to visitors that aren’t familiar with the local area, but this is no longer the case.

The Marsh Trail – a 54-km-long hiking trail running through the Tøndermarsken - opened last year. It has a circular configuration so you can start where you want and walk in both directions.

Vandring på Marskstien

Photo:Ulrik Pedersen

On the route, there are eight additional loops with lengths between 2.7 km and 12 km, which are designed for hikers who wish to walk a shorter, circular route.

The Marsh Trail runs through four towns – Rudbøl, Højer, Tønder and Møgeltønder – where you can experience the region’s unique architecture.

For those who wish to walk the whole route, the towns also have good places to stay overnight.

A dissemination station has been established at Højer Windmill, where you can learn more about the special marsh landscape. A further two dissemination stations are in the pipeline. Boards with more information will also be erected at several places along the route.

The Marsh Trail is a so-called trample path, where you primarily walk on grass. It will be cut as and when needed during the summer months, although at times it may get long. Therefore, please use suitable footwear.

Tøndermarsken isn’t just unspoilt countryside, however; it’s a landscape that has been shaped by human hands for centuries of life with – and against – the water. You can see dykes, fields, pumping stations and canals – in other words, everything that makes Tøndermarsken unique.

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