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Discover the nature in Sønderborg

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Let nature be a part of your vacation

Whether you prefer a quiet nature hike with a camera and binoculars or want to pick up the pace with a GoPro on your helmet, the Sønderborg area, on the mainland and the holiday island Als provide a good starting point to explore nature.

With 258 kilometers of coastline, the Sønderborg area offers everything from good fishing opportunities to activities on and in the water, as well as beautiful coastal hiking trails.

The Gendarmen Trail - Denmark's first European quality hiking trail - stretches 84 kilometers along the Flensburg Fjord, beautifully connecting Sønderborg with the neighboring municipality of Aabenraa and the border region. If your soles can handle it, it can be combined with the Als Trail, which 64 kilometres leads you along the east coast of the island Als to Hardeshøj and the Alssund Trail, whos 17 kilometres leads to the city of Sønderborg.

The nature park Naturpark Nordals offers diverse nature and fascinating wildlife. The beach meadows are home to amphibians and special plants, and the many lakes host a rich variety of wildlife, from the common merganser to the majestic sea eagle, and the pond bat.

The deep forests hide numerous archaeological sites like Blomeskobbel with the largest collection of burial mounds in Sønderjylland. On a quiet summer day, the beech tree reflects in the sea in coastal forests like Skeldekobbel and Sønderskoven Als, as well as Nørreskoven Als with its lovely population of deer and the king of the forest - the red deer. In the cultural-historical Gråstenskovene, you'll find carp ponds named after the three princesses, babbling brooks, and pirate tales.

On land

Put on suitable footwear, pump up your bike or saddle up your horse and head out to discover the nature in the Sønderborg Municipality. It's never far to the water and the beautiful beech forests.

Take a longer or short hike along one of the many trails, several of which are in coastal areas, such as the Stevning Nor Trail and Nybøl Nor Trail. If it's a multi-day trip you're after, you can choose the scenic Gendarmen Trail, Denmark's first European quality hiking trail, or the Als Trail, leading you from Nordals along the east coast to Sydals.

With the 12 route suggestions for cyclists, developed in collaboration with the Cykelforum Sønderborg, you'll explore the remotest corners of the municipality. Remember to wear your bike helmet when you're out cycling and bring a lunchpack.

The Bridle Route Als, with its 100 kilometres, takes you along small roads and paths on most of the island Als. If you have a horse-drawn wagon with you, there are also alternative routes. Along the route, there are shelters and campgrounds with fencing and water.

Family with bikes at the harbour front in Sønderborg
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Bicycle tours in Sønderborg

On the holiday island Als and in the Sønderborg area, we have good bike paths and small roads that take you through beautiful landscapes.

Shelter med soveposer ved Sandvig på Als
Photo: Sønderborg Kommune

Overnight stay in nature

Around Sønderborg Municipality, you'll find several options for outdoor accommodations.

Guidet tour at Graasten Palace Garden

Experience the garden on a historic guided tour at the summer residence of the royal family

Formidlingshaven i Gråsten
Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Gardens and parks in Sønderborg

Green oases - from wild and untamed to a neatly arranged kitchen garden.

At the water

258 kilometres of coastline are waiting for you, along with good beaches, of which 9 have been awarded the Blue Flag - your guarantee for clean bathing water. The local Blue Flag Center compiles a program with activities every year where you can learn about the special marine world.

There are countless good fishing spots, and if you're on a island holiday on Als, there's always a sheltered spot for fishing.

For a bit more action, it should take place in the northern part of the island Als, as the entire southern part from Havnbjerg Strand to Ved Fyret in Flensburg Fjord is designated as a Natura 2000 area, with associated restrictions.

A calm snorkeling trip and diving at restored stone reefs are also possible.

Fishing tour with guide - Outdoor i Centrum
Photo: Kedde

Fishing tour with guide - Outdoor i Centrum

Book a fishing tour with guide

We offer 4 or 8 hour tours to some of the many good fishing spots at the coastline around the island Als or at the mainland.

The guide also brings a variated selection...


Kayak trips alongside the Gendarme Path

FoX Hygge & Motion offers cosy kayaking trips with a guide along Sønderborg Harbour.


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