Kitesurfer på vandet

Dive and Surf in Sønderborg.

Photo: Jean van der Meulen - Pixabay

The waters around the island Als and in the Sønderborg area provide plenty of opportunities to be active on and in the water.

Kite- and Windsurfing

Things sometimes go wild at the dam "Drejet" that connects the island of Als with the peninsula of Kegnæs.

South-Als is surfer’s paradise. At Mommark Marina, Fynshav and Kegnæs the water is good for wind- and kitesurfing.

Especially the waters surrounding the peninsula Kegnæs often provides good wind simply because of the way Kegnæs is situated. All year Lillehav, the water between Kegnæs and island Als is visited by beginners and experienced surfer´s.

Surfer's Paradise Kegnaes has both the rental of various equipment and an offer of lessons.

If you are staying on North-Als, the beach at Købingsmark is a good spot for surfing. Drive through Nordborg city, follow the signs towards Pøl and continue on road to the water.

Please show consideration for the wildlife in and around the water when you surf – keep your distance and do not let the kite fly over animals and other users of the area. Both during the birds' breeding season and year-round in shallow feeding areas, care should be taken, especially near the island Katholm, one of the few places where the eider duck, one of the vulnerable species, resides.

Along the coasts of Sønderborg Municipality, there is a speed limit of 5 knots (9.26 km/h) within a 300 metre zone from the coast. For an oversight of the good surfing spots, regulations and prohibited areas click here.

Surfere ved Kegnæs

Photo:Kim Toft Jørgensen

Diving around the island Als.

Go on a diving holiday in the waters around Als.

Dykker ved Sønderborg
Photo: VisitSønderborg
Havbunden ved Sønderborg set i forbindelse med dykning
Photo: VisitSønderborg

If you are in to diving the waters surrounding Holiday Island Als is a rich on opportunities. The sea is hiding exciting history and the local diver´s is ready with expert knowledge of the area.

Diving centre Broagerlands Dykkercenter organises trips to exciting shipwrecks, sells and rents equipment and provides training courses.

The diving club Sønderborg Sportsdykkerklub offers tank refills, even for non-members. They also provide diving courses, a friendly community, and organize diving trips.

PFE Dive Solution
Photo: PFE Dive solution

PFE Dive Solution

Dreaming of a dive experience in the waters around the island of Als, contact PFE - Dive Solution.

Company goals:

  • 100 % regulator service, zero
    mistakes every time.
  • High quality of equipm...

In the waters surrounding island Als a project re-establishing stone riffs helps revive the seabed creating living space for marine life and exciting experiences for divers. See the map below with the placement of the riffs.

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