Family with bikes at the harbour front in Sønderborg
Kitesurfer på vandet

Active together in Sønderborg.

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What does an active holiday mean to you?

The range of what characterizes an active holiday is individual from person to person, and we can actually accommodate most preferences.

Whether you're visiting Sønderborg, the city in nature, on a shopping trip with café enjoyment, or heading out into our nature to get your heart rate up and some speed in the field, you'll find a wide range of options on the mainland as well as on the island of Als.


Hiking tours

Lace up your hiking shoes and enjoy nature on one of the numerous hiking trails around the Sønderborg area. Here, you'll find both short and medium-length hiking paths, as well as the very long hiking routes that may take several days.

You can follow the Alsstien, with family and friends, on the 64-kilometer-long and scenic route from Hardeshøj in Nordals to Drejet in Sydals.

Denmark's first European quality hiking trail, the Gendarmstien, takes you through beautiful and varied nature on the 84-kilometer hike from Padborg in the neighboring municipality of Aabenraa, through Sønderborg city, to Skovby in Sydals.

Discover the nature in Sønderborg

Hiking holiday along the Gendarme Path and Als Trail. Fresh bike ride in Sønderskoven and Nørreskoven. Night walks. Bird and bat tours. Graasten Palace Garden. Horseback riding along Als Bridle Route. Fishing at the coast and in lakes - go on an island vacation on Als!


Bicycle vacation

Pedal your bike, strap on the bicycle helmet, and roll out on the small roads through the scenic nature of Als and the historic mainland.

Take a break and hop over Als Fjord with the charming little car ferry, Bitten Clausen; it only takes 10 minutes, and your bike comes along for free!

Enjoy a dip along the way at one of the many beaches where the Blue Flag waves - your guarantee for clean bathing water.


If you don't have your own boat, bicycle, or car on vacation, it's possible to rent them. During the high season, it's probably a good idea to plan ahead.

Kayak trips alongside the Gendarme Path

FoX Hygge & Motion offers cosy kayaking trips with a guide along Sønderborg Harbour.


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