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Free activities in Sønderborg

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Good activities don´t have to cost money. Enjoy our wonderful nature and look in to other activities in the Sønderborg-area free of charge.

Bring your packed lunch and go out to enjoy our beautiful nature on one of the signposted hiking trails, take a walk in the forest, or pack your swimwear and head to the beach - it's completely free.

Geochaching in Sønderborg

There are many geocaches in the Sønderborg area, including the "Eventyrstien" (Adventure Trail) in the forest, Augustenborg Skov, where 14 caches and a bonus cache take you on a nice little tour.

Experience history at the small museums

Take a trip back in time and visit the smaller museums and collections with free admission in the Sønderborg area, and see the Cro-Magnon man Peter.

Historic Tilting-at-the-Ring

Experience tilting on Tuesdays from 2 July to 6 August 2024 when riders put on a little show at Sønderborg Castle.

The view from Point of View

Book a free ticket online and take the trip up to Point of View at Alsik Hotel and Spa, where you can enjoy the view of Sønderborg and the island of Als from the 16th floor.

Sønderborg Harbour Bath

From June to August, you can take a dip in Als Sund when the new harbour bath offers free admission during the summer season.

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