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Historic Tilting-at-the-Ring in Sønderborg

Beside Sønderborg Castle, riders in beautiful medieval costumes give a free demonstration of the art of tilting-at-the-ring for you and your family

The historic tilting course at Sønderborg Castle is a reconstruction from a copper of the castle dated 1680.

The theory is that Duke Hans the Younger built the original course. Hans was son of King Christian III and lived at Sønderborg Castle from 1564 to 1622.

Every Tuesday from 2 July to 6 August 2024, you can experience a show on horseback at Sønderborg Castle.

The show beginns at 5 pm and lasts for half an hour, after the show there will be time to pat the horses.


The show, Historic Tilting-at-the-Ring, is arranged by Museum Sønderjylland at Sønderborg Castle in collaboration with the Ringridermuseum and VisitSønderborg.

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