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Night watchmen in Aabenraa

Welcome to Aabenraa

The fact that the Municipality of Aabenraa’s coat of arms depicts three mackerels is definitely no coincidence. The town was originally a fishing village, which in the 18th and 19th centuries developed into a maritime and shipping town. 

Today the area is to a great extent still characterised by its past as one of the country’s most important regions in terms of shipbuilding.

Experiences in Aabenraa Municipality

The Municipality of Aabenraa offers a wealth of attractions and adventures for young and old alike.

Places to eat in the Municipality of Aabenraa

If you’re feeling hungry, finding somewhere good to eat is never a problem in Aabenraa.

Staying overnight in the Municipality of Aabenraa

The Municipality of Aabenraa has overnight accommodation to suit all tastes.


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The Nightwatchmen

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The Christmas Village

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The Gendarme Path

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Baltic Sea Route

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Marathon for all

There are challenges of varying degrees of difficulty when thousands of runners take to the streets.

Agricultural Show

More than 20,000 people visit the agricultural show.

Barsø - becoming an organic paradise

On the small island of Barsø you find tranquillity, open countryside and opportunities for angling.

Xmas hearts for everyone

Several initiatives in Aabenraa ensure that there’s extra warm-heartedness available at Christmas.

Aabenraa City

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Maritime History

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Aabenraa Touristinformation

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