To vægtere på Vægterpladsen i Aabenraa
Luftfoto af Brundlund Slot

Feel the history in Aabenraa


Get close to the market town and port city of Aabenraa – also called "Åffenrå" by locals. When you visit Aabenraa, you will discover countless remnants from a bygone era – from museums and memorials to historical sites and buildings. 

Feel the history - from World War to Reunification and back

Walk in the footsteps of the past and visit Aabenraa's memorials and places of special historical significance that highlight the dramatic and landmark events of recent times.

The Great Wars meant that Aabenraa was alternately under Danish and German rule until the Reunification in 1920, when Aabenraa and Sønderjylland finally became Danish. Visit the Reunification Park and see Folkehjem, where H.P. Hanssen gave his famous speech to the people of Sønderjylland. The World War II internment and punishment camp Frøslevlejren is also an absolute must-see on your trip.

Luftfoto af Frøslev Lejren med Dannebrog

The Frøslev Camp - from captivity to freedom

Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Mærk historien - Besøg Aabenraas museer

In and around Aabenraa you'll find small and large museums where stories are just waiting to be told. Here you can delve into everything from family history to art history. Don't miss a visit to Rundemølle Museum in Løjtland, where you can see unique clothing collections, captain's rooms and an old grocery store from the 1940s. On selected weekends, you can also visit the old castle mill at Brundlund Castle, which was the official residence of the sheriff and county governor for over 500 years. Take the kids to the Customs and Border Museum, where they'll help the customs officer stop bad smugglers.

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