Denmark’s Oyster Festival

Meet famous chefs and learn to cook your own oysters in less than 15 minutes at Denmark’s Oyster Festival. The festival is cancelled in 2023.

Oysters are healthy and rich in protein – and thus live up to the latest official dietary guidelines. At the same time, oysters have a minimal carbon footprint. You can freely pick oysters in the Wadden Sea, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Oysters from the Wadden Sea have received the highest accolades from Italian chefs and foodies alike.

At Denmark’s Oyster Festival you can be taught how to open oysters by professional oyster openers and see highly skilled chefs compete to represent Denmark in international competitions in oyster-opening.

You can also get ideas as to how to cook oysters if you’re not so keen on the raw product. Some of Europe’s best chefs flock to the festival, where they compete for the title of Oyster Chef of the Year in both the savoury and sweet kitchen and in terms of open face sandwiches. For a modest fee, you can taste the same dishes that are served to the judges.

The Wadden Sea contains up to 72,000 tonnes of oysters that aren’t indigenous to the area. Therefore by eating as many oysters as you can, you’ll be doing nature a favour.

It almost goes without saying that the festival offers its own champagne and a workshop at which you can get a scientific explanation of the link between oysters and champagne. Make sure you also try some of the many local foods that are represented at the festival, such as gooseberry juice and Wadden Sea gin.

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