Vildt i Haderslev Dyrehave med Haderslev Dam i baggrunden

Haderslev Tunnel Valley

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At Haderslev Dam, close to the center, lies Tunnel Valley. A recreational area where you find one of Denmark's largest deer parks, a restaurant, a world-class MTB trail, and Tørning Mill. You can hike, run, and bike on the trail systems, and the Dam boat Dorothea is happy to take you to se

A Nature Park for the whole family

Haderslev Tunnel Valley is a natural area stretching over 25 km from Haderslev to Vojens. It's a recreational area frequently used by locals in Haderslev, featuring a dense network of small roads and paths, offering great opportunities to explore Tunnel Valley's nature on foot or by bike. The most beautiful viewpoint is located in the deer park near the Geheimrådens path (Queen Margrethe II's view), where you can overlook Haderslev Dam and across to Restaurant Damende. From Easter to October, Dorothea sails on Haderslev Dam, providing a beautiful nature experience where you can disembark at one of the 3 landing stages - Danhostel Haderslev, Bergs Plads, or Restaurant Damende. The landing stages can also be used if you prefer to see the Dam by canoe from Danhostel.

4 Marked Hiking Routes in Tunnel Valley

Although there are many cozy paths in Tunnel Valley, there are 4 major marked routes that take you past many of the most beautiful places in the nature park.

Haderslev Dam Route - 12.5 km

From Haderslev, the route goes along the south side of Haderslev Dam, from Erlev following the Geheimrådens Path that was laid out in 1932. Along the way, you pass Bergs Plads, a large shelter area with several grilling spots, tables, benches, and 2 landing stages for canoes. The route continues past Sophies Kilde, a sacred spring where you can taste cool spring water. Then it goes through the Deer Park, where you should keep an eye out for grazing fallow deer and red deer. At Nørreskovgård, you have a great view over Haderslev Dam, here is also a picnic house, a nature playground, and a toilet. The route continues over the Hindemaj dam to Restaurant Damende. Through the village of Fredsted, the route returns to Haderslev. Near the old hospital, the route takes a detour down to Haderslev Dam, where you can enjoy the birdlife and perhaps be lucky to spot the sea eagles that reside at Haderslev Dam or catch a glimpse of the Dam boat Dorothea.

Stevning Dam Route - 8 km

From the parking lot at Thyrashul, the route goes along Dybdals Bæk through a valley with steep slopes. From Thyrashul to Tørning Mill, there is a narrow footpath (not suitable for cycling or strollers) that can be wet in places during autumn. Part of the route goes over meadows with grazing cows. North of Stevning Dam, there is a beautiful view over the lake, forest, and meadows. At Tørning Mill, you can enter and visit the mill house, open from June 1 to August 14, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (except Mondays and Tuesdays). Across from the mill is the Bailiff's house, where there is an exhibition about the area's nature, history, and attractions. Here you'll also find a toilet and an info point with a touchscreen. From Tørning Mill, follow the road through Sandkule Forest to the village of Gammel Ladegård. Back towards Thyrashul, the route goes through the upper part of Tunnel Valley, a hilly terrain with valleys, forests, and meadows. The hiking route along the Hærvejen provides a path connection to Vojens.

Christiansdal Route - 7.5 km

This tour starts at Tørning Mill and heads towards Christiansdal. Along the way, you follow the canal that was constructed in 1862 to lead water from Stevning Dam to Christiansdal Hydro Power Plant. The route goes south around Christiansdal and crosses Tørning Å on a wooden bridge, right under the motorway's large concrete bridge. The hydro power plant is open to the public every Thursday from June 1 to August 14, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The route continues to Hindemaj, following the Tørning Canal that was constructed in 1935 when Hindemaj was drained. From Haderslev Dam, the route goes up through the forest and over farmland to Hammelev, from where you follow the old church path back to Tørning Mill.

Hindemaj Route - 4.5 km

This tour starts at the parking lot north of Hindemaj, from where it follows the canal out to Haderslev Dam. The canal was constructed in 1935 when Hindemaj was drained. A nature restoration project has recreated Hindemaj as a shallow lake. The route goes along the western part of Haderslev Dam and up into the area's largest forest, Pamhule. Here you walk along the edge of the forest through a coniferous forest, eventually crossing Bibækken, which meanders through a beautiful hilly woodland landscape.

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