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Barsø - becoming an organic paradise

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On the small island of Barsø you’ll find tranquillity, open countryside and plenty of opportunities for fishing. And the island’s farmland is on the way to becoming fully organic.

If you wish to slow down and just want to enjoy the chance to breathe fresh air, listen to the birds and become one with the gentle waves, Barsø is an ideal place to visit. Situated in the Little Belt, northeast of the Løjt peninsula, where the countryside is right on your doorstep and you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity to the full.

And it’s this connection to nature which is the focal point of life on Barsø for the 20 or so permanent residents. This also applies to farming on the island, which is in the process of going over to 100 percent organic production. This means that in a few years the island will be one of only a small handful of exclusively organically farmed islands in Denmark.

Cattle farming will make up the nucleus of organic farming on the island. Dairy cattle will be delivering milk to an exclusive product from Arla Unika, and beef cattle will be helping to keep the island’s idyllic salt marshes in check, so they don’t develop into thicket and forest.

Photo:Eva Bakkeskov

However, it isn’t only Barsø’s fields that provide life and nutrition to ensure great taste sensations. The waters around the island are excellent fishing waters, and many anglers come to the island in order to fish. Get out your fishing rod and enjoy the unique atmosphere of fishing under wide open skies.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get to Barsø, with the crossing taking just 15 minutes. The ferry departs from Barsø Landing on the north side of Løjt, where several daily departures ensure good access to the island, whilst at the same time making it easy to get home again.

You can also stay overnight on the island, where a B&B and a number of holiday apartments make great places to spend a short holiday. If you wish to hold a party or invite several guests, Sct. Georgsgilderne runs a cabin with dormitories that can cater for around 30 overnight guests.

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