To mindre børn med skateboards udenfor Streetdome

Urban Action

Photo: Haderslev Erhvervsråd

Haderslev's harbour is a street sports Eldorado! A StreetDome you can skate on a skateboard or child's scooter or you can roler-skate, ride freestyle BMX, do parkour and climb.  

Urban harbour - a family action centre

Challenge your family and friends to action-packed experiences and discover each other outside your comfort zone. It's these adventures that create unforgettable memories. Right in Haderslev, you'll find opportunities for action, speed, and fun. Whether you're interested in exploring ramps, climbing walls, or zooming away on a running wheel, you'll find some of these action-filled experiences



StreetDome - indoor and outdoor skate park

Try your hand at indoor bouldering, have an instructor guide you to the top of Jutland's highest climbing wall and surf around with a skateboard or scooter indoors and outdoors - you just have to reme...

Skateboarding school at StreetDome
Photo: VisitHaderslev

Skateboarding school at StreetDome

Do you dream of surfing concrete? At StreetDome's skatepark, the waves are always good!

Bouldering & climbing at StreetDome
Photo: Haderslev Kommune

Bouldering & climbing at StreetDome

At StreetDome you will find Denmarks highest climbing wall with its 30 meters. The climbing wall is constructed on a silo located right at the harbour. 


Curious for more?

The multi-purpose pitch and colleyball court are open to the public. There's even a 30-meter-high silo to conquer! Walk along the harbour and enjoy its architecturally and culturally rich atmosphere. If you need a break, drop in at Saltlageret Street Food & Events, Kulkajen Beachbar og the ice-cream shop. 

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