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Unisex/Handicap toilets, Bispen

Haderslev library.

At Bispebroen in Haderslev Dampark you will find both handicap- and unisex toilets. They can be used in the library's manned opening hours, or during the unmanned opening hours if you are registered.

The opening hours are: 

Monday - Thursday

  • 7am - 9pm Unmanned opening hours 
  • 10am - 5.30pm Manned opening hours


  • 7am - 9pm Unmanned opening hours 
  • 10am - 4pm Manned opening hours


  • 7am - 9pm Unmanned opening hours
  • 10am - 1pm Manned opening hours


  • 7am - 9pm Unmanned opening hours

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