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Newcomer Service Sønderborg

Have you fallen in love with the Sønderborg area and are now considering moving here?

If yes, please contact the Newcomer Service of Sønderborg Municipality!

Have you fallen in love with the Sønderborg area and are now considering moving here?

The Municipality of Sønderborg has a lot to offer: In addition to good career and educational opportunities, you can expect an excellent work-life balance, affordable property prices, international kindergartens and schools and 250 km of beautiful coastline. Get inspired and read more about Sønderborg and the surrounding area here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Newcomer Service. We are happy to help and we provide information about:

  • Job opportunities for potential newcomers
  • Registration procedures
  • Housing options
  • Childcare, schools and further education
  • Cultural and leisure activities
  • Social networks and events for newcomers
  • Danish courses.

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