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Kastrup shelter and campsite

Close to Gram there is a luxury shelter site with access to firewood, shower/toilet and fire pit. The place also has a very special wedding shelter that must be experienced.

Visit Kastrup shelter place and spend the night in the wedding shelter

On site you will find 4 shelters, one of which is a luxury-shelter with two rooms - locally named the wedding-shelter. The shelter has a sleeping area and a front room, complete with patio furniture for two, and above the door is written "Det er så yndigt at følges ad" (It is so lovely to walk together - from a traditional Danish wedding song).

The shelters are placed in a half-circle around the campfire, and you can buy firewood from the shed next to the campfire. Firewood costs only DKK 25 per sack. The site also has an outdoor kitchen with drinking water available as well as nice toilet-facilities with shower.

Access to the shelters is on a first-come first-serve basis, but you are more than welcome to put up a tent on site if you cannot find a place to sleep in one of the shelters. The site and shelters are free to use, however the use of toilet and shower facilities cost 50 DKK - the money goes to cleaning and maintaining the facilities.

Shelters and fire pits are received and handed over in a clean condition, hanging on each shelter is a broom with which you can brush off the worst dirt - there is also a bin on the green area.

The campsite must be quiet at 10.00 pm.

Shopping: 4 km to Gram

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