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Karen Willesen's Showroom

Contact Karen Willesen for information about the viewing, call at +45 40187224.

Within a stone´s throw from Rådhustorvet and the city hall you´ll find the bight rooms of Karen Willesen Atelier & Galleri. Here she works with brushes and it is always open when she is in and visits by appointment are very welcome.

Karen Willesen has an education as designer from TEKO in Herning, Århus Art Academy. Since 2007, creating art has been her fulltime job.

To create modern abstract and expressive paintings and giving them a daring touch has always been the crux of my work. My aim with art is to create spellbinding, sensual works that makes an impression. Modern paintings to be remembered - long-time throughout the experience in the exhibition room.

I work with oil on canvas in expressive colour combinations, where small elements, histories and emotions appear. The making of the paintings is spontaneously, emotional, intuitive, imaginative - and at a very high level of energy, leaving an obvious expression on the canvas of my drive.

My inspiration is the trend at the time, new vibrations and tendencies in the upcoming. My eighteen years within the world of fashion provides me with a good sense of change within trends. Nature is, with its changing seasons and movement of light exciting my urge to capture the uncontrollable, an everlasting inspiration.

Art Herning, Galleri Knud Grothe Charlottenlund, Galleri Dencker + Schneider ART GALLERY Berlin, Galleri X Rungsted, Galleri Hohmann Hannover DE, Nordisk Ministerråd København, Oticon A/S Ballerup, Aarhus Universitets Hospital, Sydbank Aabenrå.

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