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The Home Guard Museum

The self-governing institution "Hjemmeværnsmuseet" was established in 1988 in the historic Frøslev Camp and is a nationwide cultural-historical museum that houses the historical exhibition of the Home Guard.

The main idea behind the historical exhibition of the Home Guard is to describe the development of the Home Guard in relation to events in the surrounding world.

The exhibition is divided into four eras as follows: the first era is the 1940s with the establishment of the Home Guard, the second era is the 1950s with prosperity and progress, the third era covers the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s with the Cold War, and the fourth era encompasses the 1990s and the future.

Spatially, the exhibition is divided accordingly, and in a small separate room called a "time machine," visitors will be introduced to the respective period through a description of characteristic and typical events and objects, including audio-visual means.

Since 1989, the Brigade Collection has been housed in the Hjemmeværnsmuseet and is an exhibition about the Danish Brigade DANFORCE, which was established and trained in Sweden from 1943 to 1945. The brigade, which reached about 5,000 volunteers, including 300 women, consisted mainly of Danish military personnel who were ordered or fled to Sweden, as well as resistance fighters and Jews who had to escape from Denmark. The brigade returned to Denmark on May 5, 1945, and subsequently carried out a wide range of guard duties, including at the Danish-German border.

Ongoing special exhibitions are held, shedding light on different periods or aspects of the Home Guard's existence. Lectures and guided tours of 1-2 hours can be arranged based on the nature of the visit. The content can be tailored to the participants' age, mobility, and developmental stage, covering Danish security and defense policy with an emphasis on the voluntary defense. The tour can be combined with visits to other military-historically significant attractions in Schleswig/Southern Jutland.

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