The Gram Castle Mystery

Pander to your inner detective at Gram Castle


28 JUNE UNTIL 8 AUGUST 2021, DAILY FROM 11.00-17.00

Imagine that you are curled up in your favourite armchair with a crime novel. Suddenly, you find yourself sucked into the pages. You end up inside a drama that only you can solve, thanks to your incredibly well developed powers of observation. 

Something very fishy is going on at Gram Castle this summer. A time machine has landed in the courtyard. It is the portal to this summer’s “Gram Castle Mystery”. Acting as an invisible detective, the mystery transports you back to a time when there were dukes, duchesses and tenant farmers – and Denmark was at war with Sweden.

As you enter the castle’s main door, you meet actors who bring the characters in Gram Castle Mystery to life. Your task is to solve a number of riddles and puzzles. Some are difficult, some less so. Which of you is cleverest? Who is the most fearless detective among you?

Rise to the challenge and visit us in week nos 26-31.

Open daily from 11:00-17:00. Advanced booking only.

As a visitor to Gram Castle, in addition to pitting your wits in the Gram Castle Mystery, you can also visit the castle’s miniature zoo, natural playground, agricultural museum, farm shop, park and restaurant.


Advanced booking only. Detectives and other visitors enter the castle in groups. A limited number of tickets are available each day.

Visitors are asked to observe the official COVID-19 restrictions.

Dogs are not allowed in the castle, farm shop or restaurant.

No smoking indoors.