Fjordlyst Hotel and Camping

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Sønderskovvej 100

6200 Aabenraa



Fjordlyst Camping.

Fjordlyst Camping is located in calm surroundings in the southern part of Aabenraa, close to the forest and the beach.

The site is located within walking distance to the city centre. Here you find good dining places and a nice and cosy pedestrian zone, with good shopping opportunities.

At Fjordlyst Camping we offer stays for guests with tents, camper trailers or auto campers, and in huts or rooms.

With spectacular view of Aabenraa and the inlet, in hilly terrain with tall trees and dense fences, there is room for any mood or taste.


Sønderskovvej 100

6200 Aabenraa


Area for camper vans


Capacity: Units (120 enheder og 12 hytter)

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