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Distillery "Lillebælt"

Brænderiet Lillebælt is a unique and authentic local taste experience. Taste local brandy made from organic fruits.

From organic fruit to bottled brandy 

Brænderiet Lillebælt is a perfect stop, if you wish to experience a uniqe and authentic danish taste experience. Brænderiet Lillebælt produces organic fruit brandy made from organic apples, pears, plums quinces and mirabelles from their own plantation. 

Brænderiet Lillebælt offers tours, where you can get insights into production of their fruit brandy. You will also get to learn about the local ingredients they are using in the production and 

You will hear about the careful process that is created from the fruit being picked to its being fully fermented. 

You have the opportunity to taste their unique flavors and discover your favorites before you buy

Learn and read more about Brænderiet Lillebælt at: www.brænderietlillebælt.dk

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