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Den gamle Grænsekro - Inn in Christiansfeld south of Kolding

Den Gamle Grænsekro is a royally privileged inn, idyllically situated between fields and nature at the historic gingerbread town of Christiansfeld, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2015

The style of the Old Border Crossing is both classically modern and rich in tradition, which means that you will feel the rush of history when you move around the cozy corridors and charming rooms.

In addition, Den Gamle Grænsekro is also handicap-friendly, it is easy to get around the entire inn. There is a handicap-friendly toilet, as well as wide rooms where it is easy to get around with a wheelchair.

The menu ranges from the classic Danish crockery to more modern dishes. You can read more about the food in our company menu and a la carte menu.

In other words, a visit to Den Gamle Grænsekro is always a memorable experience, if you can bring one or more people you care about.


We offer, among other things:

Inn Stay

Weekend stay

Mini holiday

Golf stay

Restaurant and pub

All types of companies

Meetings and conferences

Christmas lunch


A little history about the inn:

The Gamle Grænsekro has a long and exciting history that begins around the year 1600. Since then, the royally privileged guest house has formed the setting for historical events, royal visits and festive occasions over several generations. It was also here where King Christian X, on 10 July 1920, mounted his white horse to ride into Southern Jutland. The Old Border Inn is also known under the name Frederikshøj Kro and is popularly referred to as the Grænsekroen.

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