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Bovlund Frimeningheds Kirke - Church

Bovlund Frimenigheds church was built in 1896 - then the congregation consisted of 60 members - they bought a plot and got the architect Andreas Berntsen from Vallekilde Højskole and Vallekilde Valgmenighed to design the building. Andreas Berntsen came to Bovlund together with craftsmen from Vallekilde Højskole, and with the help of the congregation members managed to build the church during the summer of 1896, so the church was ready for consecration on 19 September.


The church was built of red stone, had a Thorny spire, (which was later changed to an ordinary tower) and Romanesque-inspired windows. The church is located with a great view to the south. The church is - like most Danish churches - built so the choir faces east. The entrance is in the tower building which faces west.


To begin with, there was a tiled stove in the church, it was later changed to electric heating, and in the 1990s, central heating was installed. In 2001, the tower wall was renovated plus new slate was added to the spire. In 2004, the church room was partially renovated. In 2007, the church received new chandeliers via an anonymous gift. And in 2008, the congregation received a large gift from the A. P. Møllers and wife Christine's Foundation of 2.8 million, which meant that a chapel was built, the church room was completely renovated, and the organ was expanded by one vote.

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