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A bite of Haderslev - Guided tour

Taste a wide variety of the delicious specialities in Haderslev’s shops and stores and enjoy a pleasant stroll through Haderslev’s old streets. 

Guided tour with taste experiences along the way

Listen to stories of the town’s past and look at the beautifully restored houses. Let your senses take in the whole of Haderslev and its history when Visit Haderslev invites you on a gastronomic journey in the company of some of the town’s lavish specialist shops.

At Vin og Vin you can descend into their old cellar, which in the 16th century was the “town hall cellar”. The men who were members of local government at the time gathered here to discuss how to take care of the town. At Vin og Vin you can enjoy a little glass as you feel the presence of history.
From here the trip continues to iGourmet, which sells a variety of delicious specialities. At iGourmet you find the best Italian truffles, a wide variety of Italian pasta, pesto and tapenade, as well as caviar, charcuterie, cheese and many other fantastic, authentic products. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the many flavours of pizza with a combination of iGourmet’s finest specialities.

At Eliska you can find exciting beer from the Czech Republic. Relax with a taster – and get an insight into the history of her special beer whilst enjoying a variety of taste sensations from the Czech Republic.

The conclusion of this tour de force of taste sensations takes place at Rani’s ice-cream parlour, where you can get an appetiser of his silky soft ice cream. The ice-cream parlour specialises in homemade Italian ice cream made from scratch. They have years of experience and have developed their own special recipes.

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