Augustenborg Palace Church

Photo: Conni Ernst
The palace church is closed due to Corona COVID-19

Augustenborg Slot 2

6440 Augustenborg


The chapel was built at the same time as the palace, in1770-76. This beautiful, rococo church is located in one of the palace's 3 wings.

Apart from the floor, which was designed to give space for the grand ladies in their crinolines, you should notice the lavish stucco decoration and flowery gilded woodcarvings in white and gold. The Carrara marble baptismal font was a present from Tsar Alexander.

Unique is also the location of the altar, pulpit and organ above each other.

The church is open during service and on weekdays; Monday to Friday from 10 am - 3 pm (except the days between Christmas and New Year and Friday after Ascension Day).


Augustenborg Slot 2

6440 Augustenborg


Castle chapel

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