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Aarøsund Strand

Idyllic beach near a path to the scenic and beautiful Aarøsund Seaside Resort and their terrace.

The beach at Aarøsund Seaside Resort is centrally located to the east of the town Aarøsund, which is a smaller town with around 300 inhabitants. Towards the north you will find Aarøsund Harbour, where you can catch the ferry to Aarø. By the beach you will find Aarøsund Seaside Resort with views of Aarø belt.

After your visit to the beach you can enjoy a delicious dinner at Aarøsund Seaside Resort. Skipperstuen lies with a terrace towards the beach and the water, and here you can get traditional Danish and European food. Kejserstuen is home to the gourmet and a la carte restaurant of Aarøsund Seaside Resort, and offers stunning views of the beach and water. 


The beach is primarily made up of fine sand with a few pebbles spread evenly on the beach. Near the water's edge there are more stones. The seabed is primarily made up of fine sand with few pebbles. The beach is 300 meters long and 30-40 meters wide.

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