Haderslev Lystbådehavn Nord

Haderslev Northern Harbour has a central location in the town, and efforts to upgrade the harbour facilities are well underway.

Few fjords in Denmark are as beautiful as Haderslev Fjord. If you arrive on your boat from the Little Belt and sail up the fjord to the town of Haderslev, you’ll experience wonderful surroundings and picturesque landscapes on your 75-minute trip.

When you arrive at the town, you can choose between mooring at the marina at Haderslev Northern Harbour or in one of the two boat clubs on the south bank. If you choose the marina and arrive on a clear evening, the sun will be shining over the harbour, and you’ll be greeted by the attractive silhouette of the town’s cathedral.

Many improvements have been made to the harbour during recent times. This year a brand new service building has been opened that features toilets, shower facilities, and facilities for disabled users. Work is also underway on renewing and deepening the harbour.

Furthermore, more space will be made for today’s wider yachts. Haderslev Lystbådehavn Nord is an old harbour, and many of the berths are too narrow for modern boats. Many of the new boats are 4.5 m wide, whilst the older harbour berths are designed for boats of 3 m and are therefore too narrow.

According to harbour employee Torkild Gude, the next few years will see some of the posts that define the old berths being removed in order to provide more space for the wider boats.

The harbour has a central location in relation to the town – just a 10-minute walk to the town centre, and with several supermarkets and petrol stations just around the corner.

Haderslev Northern Harbour has 133 berths for boats of up to 15 metres in length, in addition to no less than one kilometre of mooring space for ships of more than 15 metres.

According to Torkild Gude, the harbour has around 65 boats moored permanently and around 100 berths for yachters from elsewhere.


Haderslev Northern Harbour is a so-called A-harbour, where you’re able to moor all year round. The majority of guests come from Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany.

As a yachter visiting Haderslev, you should be aware that on arrival at the harbour you can only pay by credit card, which takes place at the new service building.

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