Grusvej ved Fjordmosen og Nørreskov på Als

Fjordmosen at forest Nørreskoven Als

Photo: Tom Reersdorff

Visit this diverse natural area on the east coast of the island of Als. Where forest, beach and meadows offer you an incredibly varied wildlife and a wealth of different plants.

Nature guide Tom Reersdorff tells about the fantastic nature area Fjordmosen, which is located between forest and shoreline on the east coast of the island of Als in Sønderborg Municipality.

When driving towards Nørreskoven by Østerholm, follow the road Voldstedvej to Fjordmosevej. You then drive through Nørreskoven and end at Lillebælt (beach area), where there are good parking conditions.

The entire large meadow area you are at now is Fjordmosen.

As mentioned, the Fjordmosen is a large meadow area consisting of low-lying grasslands with many drainage canals. There are also a number of small lakes with reed vegetation. In addition to the forest area, a number of scrub vegetation borders the meadows. In the meadow areas, except in the winter period, there are a number of cows that graze the meadows, among other things. the beautiful Scottish Highland cattle.

Tom Reersdorff
Photo: Bo Bach
On a trip with Tom Reersdorff.
Scottish Highland cattle in Fjordmosen.
Photo: Tom Reersdorff
Scottish Highland cattle in Fjordmosen.

Fjordmosen is a particularly impressive sight in the summer, when the meadows are in bloom. There are a multitude of different flower species, also some slightly rarer species. At the same time, the area contains a richly varied bird life. The area borders right up to the Little Belt, so there are both sea and terrestrial birds to spot. Some species, e.g. can see are: grey heron, common buzzard, European honey buzzard, nothern goshawk, greylag goose, mallard and a large number of smaller birds.

In the meadows, fallow deer, roe deer are often seen and occasionally you can spot red deer. If you are there in the evening, bats are often seen hunting insects in the area. In the spring you can also hear the Europeans tree frog's quack concert, which can be very impressive. Seals are quite often seen in the water at Fjordmosen.

The beach area by Fjordmosen is a favourite area for anglers. The water is quite deep with large rocks. Therefore, it is a great place for sea trout, garfish and sometimes cod. You can both fly fish and spin fish.

In what is set up some tables and benches, it is an obvious place to sit and enjoy your brought food and drink, while listening to and enjoying all the beautiful birds and plants in the area.

Fjordmosen can be highly recommended, so have a really good trip in the area.

Tom Reersdorff
Nature guide at Sønderborg Municipality

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