Put & Take See Uge Lystfiskeri og Camping

Between fjord, beach and lake: A fishing guide for Aabenraa

Photo: Uge Lystfiskeri og Camping

On Aabenraa's coasts and lakes you'll find several fishing hotspots. Find inspiration for your next fishing trip right here.


For many, angling is a time away from everyday life and a chance to get closer to nature. Fishing spots can be found in scenic surroundings - along the coast where the water calmly washes over the beach and by the lake in the forest where birds chirp in the trees. There's room for peace and contemplation. Recreational fishing is also an opportunity to spend more time together and be present.

Angler hält Meerforelle über Wasser
Photo: Karsten Justesen
Put & Take See Uge Lystfiskeri og Camping
Photo: Uge Lystfiskeri og Camping

Catch fish in Aabenraa's beautiful nature

Take your fishing rod on a family holiday, invite friends on a fishing trip, or spend a few hours alone at one of the many scenic fishing spots in Aabenraa. A fishing trip is a great way to get closer to our fantastic nature. The many fishing spots in Aabenraa are located in beautiful landscapes - along coasts and in forests.

Put & take

You'll also find many put & take lakes in and around Aabenraa that are popular with families with children, as many have family-friendly activities and facilities in addition to the fishing lakes. Put & take lakes make it easy to get started fishing and are a great option if you want to increase your chances of hooking one or more fish.


Remember that when fishing, you must have a valid fishing licence if you are between 18 years of age and until you are retired (typically 67 years). In freshwater, the owner of the fishing water must give permission to fish, even if you have purchased an angling licence. However, fish parks do not require a state fishing licence. You can only buy a fishing licence at www.fisketegn.dk - If you fish without a valid fishing licence, you risk being fined. Fishing licences can only be purchased online and no longer at tourist offices, petrol stations, etc.

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